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Updated: Jun 13, 2020

That picture by my name isn’t me. That’s my Mom, otherwise known as Grandma to the grandkids. She was no ordinary grandma. Oh, she had a vegetable garden that she tended to and made chocolate chip cookies when the grandkids came for visits but grandma was much, much more then that. Grandma , at certain times of the year, was a “WITCH”. Yikes! Well not really as in the witchcraft cult-sense of the word. I know it’s complicated but, there is a background story that needs to be told here to clear up any cobwebs you might have regarding how this came about. I’ll get my information and timelines in order and perhaps get the grandkids to chime in but, let me tell you, it’s worth staying tuned to get the real story of “Grandma Tenner” the Halloween Witch!

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