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The Humbler

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

If you want to receive a classically beautiful copy of GRANDMA'S HALLOWEEN STORIES,

you need to access, the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of Joan Tenner Books.

Joan Tenner is the HUMBLER POET, so called from her first book of poetry CONSIDER THE HUMBLER POET. and, are the official websites of JOAN TENNER BOOKS, where you can purchase the offset illustrated copy of Grandma's Halloween Stories. This book is of higher quality, thicker, and durable glossy paper. The colors of the illustrations are more bright and vivid. It is a joy to turn the pages and experience the stories written by Joan Tenner and the enhanced illustration by Jesus Lopez.

Unfortunately, at this time, an order from Amazon or other online ordering will give you a digital copy from a POD Print On Demand printing company. The paper is thinner and matte, producing muted colored illustrations.

So, for the same price, you will receive a higher quality book that will last and be treasured by many generations of trick or treaters in your family.

Direct links can be found on the "Store" and "Book" pages of or type in

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